Trays and install kits are available for sale prior to your purchase of the actual radio, but due to the

change in Garmin's kit pricing, some kits fall under the stipulation listed below.

We used to stock several kits of each radio. This cost my shop a good bit of money but was worth it. The GNS series were $300 each for the tray and install kits. At that price it made sense to stock 4 or 5. The GTN series tray, installation kits and config modules are $1,200 each. I can't stock them at that price.

What I offer my customers now is this. You can buy the GTN install kits from me at $1,200 each. When you buy the actual unit at a later date then your install kit goes in the next kit for sale. Your $1,200 will be refunded when that kit sells. In the unlikely event that the install kit never sells the kit will be shipped to you but you will not receive the $1,200 in that case.