August 2010

Glasair Sportsman 2 experimental. Can you have too many screens? Installed dual screen G3X EFIS system,

G3X autopilot, auto-trim, AOA Pro, Trutrak ADI.

June 2010

Before and after shots-Good bye to the old plastic overlays and hello to new metal instrument panels.

Equipment installed: G-500, Gns-530W, SL-30, Pma-8000B, Gtx-328, Gdl-69a, WX-500, TAS-600, EDM-930,

MD200-306, System 55X.

March 2010

This RV-7 customer spent way less than you think and has the nicest VFR panel I have ever seen.

Feb. 2010

The before and after of this Beech Barrons wiring behind the avionics section. Wow what a difference.

December 7th 2008

Completed new installation of Gns-530, G-600 EFIS/MFD system in a Cessna 421B. Installed all new backlighting and all new panels. Below shows some before and after shots.

This RV-6 came in with a basic VFR panel. We built a complete new custom panel and filled it with all the latest equipment.

And what a dream to fly at night. We installed all new lighting.